Summer 2013: Aichi Farm

On the recommendation of 2 friends, Marc and I decided to spend an afternoon at the very quaint Aichi Farm (愛知牧場/Aichi Bokujo). About 20 minutes from Toyota, the farm is situated in the town of Nisshin. The lovely scenery and relaxed atmosphere created at Aichi farm makes it the perfect place for a romantic date. In addition to that, the farm also offers a surprising number of activities, thus also making it the perfect setting for kids to have a play date. There is no cost to enter the farm, however, each activity has a nominal cost attached to it.

Aichi farm has horseback riding, mini-golf, sunflower fields and much more.

Aichi farm has horseback riding, mini-golf, sunflower fields and much more.

  • In the summer, one can walk through a stunning sunflower maze for only 100 yen per person. In the spring one can enjoy viewing poppy fields, while Autumn brings with it Cosmos flowers.
  • An 18-hole putt-putt course is available for the golf enthusiasts (or for the flower-haters… LOL).
  • There are a number of ponies and horses on the farm, so it’s no surprise that horseback riding is on offer for children as well as adults. The staff guide the horses by the reins as you make your way around the farm. It costs 1000 yen to ride the thoroughbred horses (5 year-olds and up).
Sunflowers everywhere!

Sunflowers everywhere!

  • Cows are also to be found on the farm. 400 yen buys you the opportunity to milk your very own cow. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, then you can simply watch the machine milking process from the 2nd floor of the milking parlor between 15:30 and 17:00 everyday.
  • 300 yen gets you into the “doubutsu hiroba” petting zoo.
  • A truck tour of the farm can be enjoyed for the price of 300 yen. Kids can also ride around the farm on a tractor.
  • The farm also has BBQ facilities. By simply making a reservation before hand, you and your friends can have yourselves a good ol’ BBQ while the cows, horses and various other animals look on. *moo* Conveniently, it won’t be a problem if you haven’t brought your own ingredients as a number of items can be purchased from the BBQ reception.
  • Lastly, in addition to selling freshly squeezed milk, the farm also makes and sells their own delicious ice-cream. Go ahead and try it. It’s delicious!!


Marc and I had a really good time at Aichi Farm and would recommend it as a great place to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Until the next post, thanks for reading.



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